Monday, October 30, 2006


Right... so appart from being away quite a lot recently my current schedule reads like this:

Monday-wednesday 30/10-1/11 - Gothenburg (west coast approx 450 kilometres from Stockholm)
Wednesday night-sunday morning 1/11- 5/11 - Kalmar (east coast approx 450 kilometres from Stockholm)
Sunday - Stockholm!
Monday-Thursday 6/11-9/11 - Halmstad (west coast approx 400 kilometres from Stockholm)

Friday the 10th of november I will be back properly... Until then I´m sad to say there is no chance in hell that I can update the blog with Stockholmpics. I have´nt had time to take any pics recently due to lack of time, going to try to solve something with one of my mates perhaps posting a bit.

But if not you´ll know why I´m going to be absent for a while, work has taken it´s toll recently needless to say!


At 2:22 AM, Anonymous Arnout said...

I've add you on my favourites...
have a look on my dutch blog about sweden en sthlm!


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