Monday, November 20, 2006

Belive it or not

Is this really a post? Yes indeed it is! = )

After many weeks travelling with work it´s going to cool down now a bit for me personally. So now I can finally show some new pics!
The cinemahouse at Hötorget is the place to be if you love movies. With 14 cinemas inside it has the best range of movies naturally. But going to watch the movies in Stockholm is never far away if you feel the urge to watch the latest blockbuster or independent movie. Cinemas in central Stockholm are everywhere meaning that you always have a wide range of movies to chose from.

Swedes in general are very frequent cinemavisitors, although visits have decreased in past years, presumably due to increasing downloading.

Between the 16th and 29th of november the Stockholm film festival is held with loads of films that you normally would´nt be able to watch, but after loads of travels recently I instead felt the urge to have a good laugh instead of a serious plot.

So I went and watched Borat instead, I was´nt dissapointed = )


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