Friday, June 16, 2006

First swim of the year!

On the 16th of june it was time for the first Swim in the lake =) Stockholms waters usually get pretty warm after a couple of weeks of sun, but mostly first in july. And with warm I mean 21 + celsius.
But that temperature was felt already now and even if I look a bit uncomfortable coming up it was actually quite nice after the first shock had settled in. Tobias, whose dive is documented below, felt quite the opposite stating that the water was clearly cold and that it was the bulk of my body that made me think it was warm = )
The lake we took a swim in was in Sköndal which despite the country feeling in the background is just a short drive from Stockholms inner city. Lakes like this are to be found basically everywhere and there is also loads of bathing places.
And after hiding in our apartments during the winter we Swedes do love swimming!


At 4:38 AM, Blogger Kris said...

these pix are tempting me to go take a dip, but i'm a swimming pool person ..

At 6:49 AM, Blogger Cameron said...

hahahahahahahahah your face is priceless :D

At 2:22 PM, Blogger Mark said...

TOO BLOODY COLD!! I'd rather have a slap in the face with a wet kipper then swim in that cold pond.Lol

At 8:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work here


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