Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Bromma Boys

This picture might look a bit scruffy. That´s because it´s taken with my cell-phone = )
The advancement of mobile-technology makes it possible for us to take a picture wherever and whenever, and as you see, with reasonable quality aswell!

Todays picture is taken at Grimsta Sportsfield. The small stand that you see does´nt look that particularly special. But the team behind it is.
Brommapojkarna (The Bromma boys) football club (that´s soccer to you americans ;-) is Europes largest football club with countless amounts of boys and girls football teams. Their youth programme is unbelivably serious, some even saying far to much, and their teams are highly succesful.
Many of their youthplayers get contracts with other top teams in Sweden and also abroad. Those who don´t make the cut sometimes end up in the seniorteam. And despite very low crowds and the small stand in frame they´re currently sailing high in the swedish second division.

Sorry for late update btw. Have´nt been up to my usual level lately.

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