Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bye bye!

And as you could probably depict from yesterdays post I am pretty fed up and tired right now. So bye bye I say to Sweden, my job and this blog for about nine days. Tomorrow I will be going to the very nice island of Santorini and enjoy the sun, some drinks and hopefully a nice stay.

Blog will be up tuesday the 15th of august. Catch you on the flipside people =)


At 5:53 PM, Blogger Kate said...

Have a restful and fun time!

At 7:54 PM, Blogger Shelly said...

Lucky man! Have a great vacation!

At 12:55 AM, Blogger Cameron said...

you bastard! :D

have a great time my man!

At 11:10 PM, Blogger ~tanty~ said...

Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the sun!

At 2:37 PM, Blogger Liz said...

have fun in Greece!

I am freezing in the cold and humid netherlands :-(

At 7:21 AM, Blogger dutchie said...

Wow, wish i was there!
Enjoy our holiday.

At 10:29 AM, Anonymous John said...

Looks wonderful. Will you bring the rest of us next time?

At 7:38 PM, Anonymous anne said...

This photo is lovely with the sun shining brightly! Have a peaceful and fun time where ever your going =)

At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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