Friday, September 08, 2006

What to chose?

Electiontimes in Sweden! In eight days the election for a new goverment in Sweden will take place. For the past few weeks it does´nt matter what you do, you cant avoid everything going on. Posters, billboards, tv-commercials, tv-programs and just regular politicians is everywhere to be seen. This is what has met me lately when I exit the subway.

Several different political parties have put up their own little electioncabin to try to get out to people.
This election (which is held every fourth year btw) is a pretty hot potatoe with one of the main subjects benefits. Swedens population is according to statistics one of the most sickprone people in the world, many claim this to frauds and bad governing. The ruling goverment disagrees.

The election will basically be between the left wing (that currently have held power the past four years) and the right wing.
The left wing consists of:
Socialdemokraterna (the social democrates) who currently have 34,2 percent
Vänsterpartiet (Left wing party, ex communist) 7,7 percent
Miljöpartiet (The Enviromental Party) 5,2 percent

The right wing consists of:
Moderaterna (Basically democrate I would think) 25,4 percent
Folkpartiet (Liberals) 9,3 percent
Centern (basically a farmers party from the beginning) 6,8 percent
Kristdemokraterna (the christian democrats) 6,7 percent

In total it´s 48,2 against 47,1 percent with favor to the right wing. The remaining percentage either don´t know what to chose or chose a other kind of political party.

Basically all political partys above have been in the game for ages, The enviromental party and Kristdemokraterna are the latest newcomers, arriving on the political piethrowing scene in the eighties.

Time to hit the sack, I feel tired after typing so much about politics =D


At 12:21 AM, Blogger Zsolt72 said...

Whatever you choose I hope Sweden will keep its characteristic of being aware of social issues and being succesful economically at the same time. To me Sweden is an example in this term.

At 5:58 AM, Anonymous jazzy said...

we in b&h have elections too, on the 1st of october.

pretty similar scene - everybody is going on abut it, but i doubt - and i hope i'm wrong - not the right people will be elected again.

great explanation and nice photo =)


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